Optimal has made significant progress on their reconfiguration of the bathrooms. There were two existing spaces for bathrooms that needed to come down to make room for the four that our space requires.

Our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) drawings are still pending, but we trust they’ll be ready soon. We got draft versions of the electrical to work from and started work engineering our WiFi network and determining where we wanted speakers.

The big hurdle over the last week has been resolving the location of our glycol chiller. When we first looked at the space (18 months ago), we’d determined that we couldn’t hang the chiller. This unit is massive (6ft tall x 5ft wide x 4ft long) and it needs a ton of airflow. We’d rented a closet which looked like it had sufficient room, only to learn last week that achieving the airflow requirements was gonna be difficult.

So, thanks to our awesome team of engineers, contractors and architects, they got drawings into the building the next day to start figuring out where it can live.

Either late this week, or early next week, we’ll start the structural retrofit underneath our unit. Our brewhouse, fully loaded, is… ummm… really heavy. Time to make sure we avoid cracking that slab.