Construction Update: October 14th

We had it in our heads that we’d have these posts come out weekly… you know, with all the progress. Things are coming along, but the visual side of it always takes a bit longer.

All of the demo is done and we’re getting ready to start the framing. Our contractor started “snapping lines” (marking up the floors) to set locations for the framing. That revealed a few things and we went back to our architect for more drawings before we go and start making holes. Better to change these things now…

Our structural contractor started his work as well. He’s working below the unit to shore up the sheer strength of the columns in the brewing space. Those columns are holding almost 20 tons when our brewing equipment is fully loaded and cars are parked underneath. We like their cars and we like our floors to remain structurally intact.

Framing on that work will begin mid-week and they’ll do a concrete pour with a bunch of rebar to strengthen things.

Our brewing equipment is starting to roll in. Most of it is coming north from Stout Tanks in Portland, Oregon. Lots of logistical details, but it’s coming together. Our biggest fear was needing to move it ourselves because of how expensive shipping can be. As it turns out, crating (preparing for shipment) and shipping a 7bbl brewhouse and 6 fermenters up the road by roughly 200 miles will run you about $3100. (That note is for any of you who have similar thoughts in mind)